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SC700d 21700 XHP70.2 Neutral White High CRI Flashlight
Item Id:SC700d
SC700d 21700 XHP70.2 Neutral White High CRI Flashlight
SC700 Flashlight
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Main Features and Specifications



  • LED: Cree XHP70.2 Neutral White LED
    • Nominal CCT: 5000K
    • CRI: 90+
    • Tint deviation: 3-step
  • User Selectable Levels: 3 main levels (High, Medium and Low). Each main level can be programmed to one of its two sub-levels. The second sub-level of the each main levels can be further programmed to different brightness levels.
  • Light Output (runtimes)
    • High: H1 3000 Lm (PID, approx. hours) or H2 1458 Lm (PID, approx. hours)/945 Lm (PID, approx. hours)/583 Lm (hours)
    • Medium: M1 192 Lm (hours) or M2 52 Lm (hours)/25.2 Lm (days)/11.6 Lm (days)
    • Low: L1 2.1 Lm (days) or L2 0.32 Lm (month)/0.12 Lm (months)/0.04 Lm (months)
    • Beacon Strobe Mode: 0.2Hz Beacon at Low / 0.2Hz Beacon at H1 / 4Hz Strobe at H1 / 19Hz Strobe at H1
  • Operating Voltage Range: 2.7V - 4.3V
  • Battery: One unprotected flat top 21700 size 3.6-4.35V li-ion rechargeable. Batteries are not included in the package.
  • Parasitic Drain: Negligible (much less than the self discharging of a battery)
  • Beam Type
    • 80 degree spill
    • 13 degree hot spot
  • Dimensions
    • Head Diameter: 1.5 inch (38.1 mm)
    • Body Diameter: 1.1 inch (28 mm)
    • Length: 4.2 inch (106 mm)
  • Weight
    • 3.2 oz (91 gram) without battery
  • Features
    • PID thermal regulated outputs (three highest output levels)
    • Builtin battery protections with continuously monitored temperature, current, and voltage, plus a (2.7V) low voltage cutoff
    • Battery capacity indicator (LED flashes 1-4 times, 4 short clicks to start)
    • Automatic stepping down from High to Medium, and from Medium to Low when battery capacity is low
    • Durable electronic soft-touch switch
    • Beryllium copper springs in all pogo pins for extremely low electrical resistance
    • Smart user interface provides fast and easy access to all brightness levels and beacon-strobes.
    • Precision machined unibody casing from premium grade aluminum bar stocks
    • Direct Thermal Sink for optimal heat dissipation path from the LED to the unibody aluminum casing
    • Durable natural hard anodized finish (Type III Class I)
    • Sealed and potted LED driver circuitry
    • Corning Gorilla Glass
    • Orange peel textured reflector
    • Battery reverse polarity protection
    • Pocket clip
    • Waterproof to IPX8 (2 meters, 30 minutes)


This light has 3 main levels (High, Medium, and Low) and a beacon-strobe mode. Each main level can be programmed to one of its two sub-levels. The second sub-level of each main levels can be further programmed to different brightness levels.

  • Basic Operation
    • One short-click turns on the light to High or turns off the light.
    • Two short-click turns on the light to Medium.
    • Three short-click turns on the light to the beacon-strobe mode.
    • Press and hold (for over 0.6 seconds) turns on the light to Low and then Medium and High. Release at the desired level.
  • Advanced Operation and Configuration
    • Press and hold to cycle from Low, Medium and High, release at the desired level to set. When press and hold, the light always cycle from Low to High regardless which level you are currently in.
    • Double click to toggle and select between the two sub-levels for that main level. Sub-level selections for the 3 main levels are memorized after the light is turned off and through battery changes.
    • The second sub-level (H2, M2 and L2) of each main levels can be further programmed to different brightness levels. At a main level, double-click 6 times to start configuration. On subsequent double-clicks the light will cycle through different brightness levels. Short click to turn off the light when finishing configurations. The selections for the second sub-levels are memorized after the light is turned off and through battery changes.
    • This light uses the main LED (flashing 1 to 4 times) to indicate the estimated remaining capacity of the battery. To start the battery indicator, (from Off) short-click 4 times without pause.
    • Beacon-strobe mode can be accessed from 3 short-clicks when the light is Off. Once in the beacon-strobe mode, you can double-click to cycle through different types of beacons and strobes. Beacon-strobe settings are memorized when the light is turned off and through battery changes.
  • PID Thermal Regulation Temperature Programming for three highest output levels
    • Turn off the light from H1 and then turn back on to H1
    • Press and hold to cycle from Low to High 6 times
    • On the 7th (or more) cycle, release the switch
      • when High, to add 1 degree C (up to 5 max)
      • when Med, to revert back to the factory default
      • when Low, to subtract 1 degree C (up to 5 max)
  • Multiple Mode Groups
    • This light comes with three mode groups, G5, G6 and G7. The G5, set as the factory default, can be selected with 5-click from OFF, while G6 and G7 can be selected with 6-click and 7-click from OFF respectively. Mode group selections are memorized after the light is turned off and through battery changes.
    • In all three mode groups
      • H can be either H1 or H2; M can be either M1 or M2; L can be either L1 or L2
      • from OFF: 1-click to H; 2-click to M; press and hold to cycle from L, M to H
    • In G5
      • H1 is fixed at 3000Lm, H2 can be 1458, 945, or 583Lm
      • M1 is fixed at 192Lm, M2 can be 52, 25.2 or 11.6Lm
      • L1 is fixed at 2.1Lm, L2 can be 0.32, 0.12 or 0.04Lm
    • In G6 and G7
      • H1, H2, M1, M2, L1 and L2 can be programmed to any of the 12 available brightness levels
      • Double-click 6 times at the H1, H2, ...L2 to enter the programming mode for that level. Once in the programming mode, use double-click to go up one level and triple-click to go down one level. Use 1-click to exit the programming mode
      • Three consecutive 5-click (or 6-click, 7-click) to reset the G5 (or G6, G7) back to the factory default settings


Accessories in the package

  • Two o-rings
  • Pocket clip

User Guide

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Customer Reviews Average Rating review
The peak in efficiency.
I have a lot of lights. This one is my favorite. It pairs the most efficient flashlight-sized LED (XHP70.2) with Zebralight's best-in-industry boost-buck driver. The result is the most efficient flashlight I'm aware of. Runtimes are INSANE. I use the Tesla 21700 4800mah 15A battery - you can find them second-hand for $2-$3 per battery brand new. The tint is slightly green, but I don't notice it unless directly comparing to another 5000K light.
Reviewed by: a user from Tennessee, USA. on 9/22/2020
Very good for MTB
Very good for MTB as handlebar light! Pros reliable lightweight long runtime self contained battery, brightness good throw and spill waterproof low price Todo for a perfect MTB light: Wireless handlebar remote. Very important for MTB. The remote should have 2 buttons to increase or decrease the light (in G8 user would select the modes for remote)and should NOT turn on/off the light. Battery status at a glance. 4 color led would be perfect 100%blue80%green60%yellow40%red20%flashing red0%
Reviewed by: a user from Romania. on 11/27/2019
Great Little Powerhouse
This little flashlight is amazing. Great build quality, really good run times with the 21700 batteries purchased at Zebralight. The programming was a little daunting until I got a grip on it. I now have all 12 lumen levels programmed into G6 and G7. I highly recommend this flashlight.
Reviewed by: a user from Ohio USA. on 7/29/2019
My most used Zebralight
This is the fourth Zebralight I have owned. Top-Tier Quality construction, combined with long runtime on the 21700 cells plus the small form factor - - - combine to make this one of the most practical flashlights available on the market today. This is my everyday carry light. I would love to see Zebralight fit an XHP35 into this light with a reshaped and smooth reflector. It would be Zebralight's first compact thrower that many ZL fans have been waiting for.
Reviewed by: a user from San Antonio, Texas. on 6/11/2019
The power of the sun in the palm of your hand!
This Zebralight SC700D is the big daddy of the whole lineup. It uses the Tesla size 21700 Lithium Ion battery. 90+ CRI ensures colors are accurate with a 5000k daylight tint. The LED is a powerhouse in this small, compact light! 3000+ lumens to be exact! This is the ultimate Zebralight. Don't forget to pick up the recommended 21700 battery on the bottom of the product page! Be sure to pick up a good lithium ion charger that supports 21700 batteries. (Try looking online from IMRbatteries, ect.)
Reviewed by: a user from Northern California. on 3/29/2019
Another winner
It was time for a 21700 Zebralight! This one is a winner with higher output and runtime. I had an issue with the clip fitting mine but they exchanged it for another and this one looks fine. The XHP70.2 is good but not great. The 90+ CRI is totally not evident to me. But the overall tint is pretty good so I'm happy. Perfect outdoors light with a good balance of spill, throw and output. And the return of super low output like .04 lumens is icing on the cake.
Reviewed by: a user from US. on 2/12/2019
Glad I got it!
today I was tempted to pick up a half priced jetbeam that produces 3100 lumens on an IMR 18650 cell. Well since I have replaced my SC600wIII HI. I saved $70 today with the SC700d ar 3000 lumkens! THANKS!!!
Reviewed by: a user from Murder capitol of the USA. on 2/5/2019
Short Technical Review
I wrote a technical review (with many runtime graphs) on Budget Light Forum. Can't post a direct link, but search for "Zebralight SC700d A Short Technical Review".
Reviewed by: a user from Oregon. on 2/1/2019
My Sixth and Most-Used Zebralight - Though There Are Many to Choose From
This is a versatile, beautiful light for those who appreciate top engineering, workmanship, and aesthetics in their tools. Its chosen trade-offs are well chosen, and it seems as efficient as possible given its apparent goals and the limitations of technology, which is at a point where I think: "Yes! Good enough." It shows colors accurately over a huge range of lumens, manages heat remarkably well, and all in a package one can still wear in a pocket. I'll use mine proudly for years.
Reviewed by: a user from Western US. on 1/25/2019
Powerful little flashlight
I have had it for 2 days now, and I must say that it's rather a powerful little bugger. I measured 2740 lumens on High (H1) and 2 lumens on low (L1). Pros: powerful, small, beautiful design. Cons: tint is a little greenish! See full review at 1lumen.com
Reviewed by: a user from Netherlands. on 1/10/2019